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Engage in the same channel as with family and friends.

SMS is very familiar and easy to use. With Lynq, your customers can engage with a real human banker just like they send text messages to their family and friends. Imagine the pleasant surprise when your customers can get ongoing support and advice from a personal banker directly in their messages app instead of the traditional annoying one-way communication.


All digital channel communication in one dashboard.

For your bankers, Lynq brings all digital channel communication into the one dashboard. This means that no matter what digital channel your customers prefer to engage in at any moment - Facebook, Webchat, Mobile messaging, etc, you are able to see them all and bring together the context of various past conversations into the current one.

Download the case study

We love our service and can talk about it all day, but seeing real proof from real clients about how they are benefiting from the service is also incredibly valuable. Download this case study to find out how Rockland Trust ($20B out of Boston) has digitally engaged more than 20,000 of their customers in just 90 days with Lynq.

Download the case study

Interested in how we can help you transform your digital customer engagement?

We understand that every financial institution has unique operations and strategic initiatives that they are focused on. Request a demo with us below and we will look forward to understanding your unique challenges and having a discussion on how Lynq by Agent IQ can help you achieve those goals.

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