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Instant chat for the anonymous needs

Even though the biggest value of the Lynq platform is the personal engagement, sometimes prospects and customers are visiting your website and have a question. Instead of sending them on a FAQ goosechase or contacting your call center, a familiar chat icon can instantly open a synchronous communication with your banking or call center team. This unauthenticated communication can solve immediate needs and even be further enhanced with video chat or co-browsing.


Chat and share like with your friends

The webchat functionality within Lynq allows immediate, real-time communication, but as you would expect, with a personal twist. Use emojis, send pictures or files or even communicate in your native language - whatever that may be. The platform handles it all and works for both banker and customer. This way your communication can feel as comfortable as if you’re chatting with your friends.

Persistent communication even after a session

Unlike most webchats that end after the “session” is done, Lynq’s relationship-based model allows customer conversations to be maintained across indefinite sessions using cookies. This means that both the customer and banker maintain a contextual thread of their conversations even without authentication. 30% of these anonymous customers are repeat customers who benefit from their chat history being retained.

Augmented Intelligence that never hides the human

The Lynq platform can be configured to run various Augmented Intelligence responses that can handle the mundane questions and save your internal teams time. But a real human is always just a click away and the customer is connected directly to your banking team to support the more complex questions.

Download the case study

We love our service and can talk about it all day, but seeing real proof from real clients about how they are benefiting from the service is also incredibly valuable. Download this case study to find out how Rockland Trust ($20B out of Boston) has digitally engaged more than 20,000 of their customers in just 90 days with Lynq.

Download the case study

Interested in how we can help you transform your digital customer engagement?

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