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Humanize customer experience. Humanize brand experience.

Agent IQ

The Agent IQ customer care platform is used by enterprises worldwide to boost their omnichannel customer conversations with AI. It is a “hybrid platform” that combines a best-in-class customer service management system with industry-leading artificial intelligent automation maximizing both the quality and scale of your 1:1 customer conversations.


Because Agent IQ is built to address the unique needs of the enterprise, it provides valuable vertical-specific AI intents to enable faster deployment for airlines, hospitality, utilities, telcos, and more. The hybrid platform makes three things possible: seamless customer conversations flowing between human agents and AI, suggested responses that supercharge your human agents, and a dynamic learning AI that gets smarter from every customer interaction.

Personal, not Personalized.

Say goodbye to “Hello {FirstName}”


Customers start conversations with your brand via their messaging channel of choice.


High-confidence messages are handled by AI, and low-confidence messages are routed to an AI-assisted human agent.


Customer is thrilled to always receive prompt, high quality personal assistance from your brand. 🙂

Apply machine intelligence to all conversational channels.

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iOS & Android Apps

Can you increase the number of customer interactions by more than 15x per day?

Yes, you can. Using artificial intelligence and other proprietary tools, Agent IQ enables brands to scale without a linear increase in cost of resources or decline in quality of engagement.

Let's talk scale.

Be the customer’s concierge at key moments.

Category questions.

When a customer or prospect needs input from an expert in your space, Agent IQ enables your team to provide instant guidance via social and webchat. It is designed to further establish your brand as the authority in your category.

Point of sale.

Whether your customer is browsing or at point-of-sale online or in-store, Agent IQ arms your conversations with intelligent recommendations to assist with purchase decisions via web chat, social, or your mobile app.

Product questions.

When a customer uses a product for the first time, the AI can engage directly and also supercharge your experts with the deep knowledge to help with product usage, care, returns, or support.

Enterprise ready.
Unsurpassed Scalability

Chat with hundreds of thousands of customers every day

Protected customer PII

Customer data is safeguarded to the most rigorous specifications

Dedicated secure servers

Programmatic configuration and monitoring in less than 5 minutes

End-to-end encryption

Encryption at rest and HTTPS communications enable privacy and protection

CRM and BI Integrations

Instant integrations to measure and improve through tight feedback loop

Leverageable customer insights

Cultivate deeper insights from customer conversations

Customer education

Customers who know more tend to want to spend more

Higher satisfaction and NPS

Intimate conversations build loyalty and earn more referrals

iOS/Android SDK

Add customer chat functionality inside branded native app


Integrations to your enterprise cloud environment.

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