Customer Service boosted by AI and Machine Learning

Free agents from the mundane.

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The Agent IQ AI engine handles the repetitive and mundane Q&A and workflows so customer care representatives can be free to focus on handling higher value customer interactions.

Also, armed with AI-suggested responses and dynamically presented knowledge base articles, agents can do more. Agents become faster, better, and more accurate problem solvers.


Improved Interaction Compliance


Higher Agent Satisfaction


Increased Time to Competency

Agent IQ is a hybrid customer care platform built to supercharge agents and scale customer care with AI.

Agent Platform + AI Engine

Pragmatic approach.

Not a chatbot, true AI is built at the core of the Agent IQ platform. Because of that, it is uniquely able to provide assistance across the platform that increases both customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness.

While Agent IQ helps you scale by automating natural responses and customer workflows through conversational AI, the platform also provides a seamless handoff back and forth between AI and human agents.


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