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It is not just the neobanks who are developing newer and better ways to digitally connect with their customers. Forward-thinking institutions who may have traditionally been conservative in adopting new technologies realize that digital needs to be a critical part of their growth (and survival) strategy. And as customers increasingly demand a better digital experience from their institutions, how do you create a strategy that will not just be reactive and channel-based, but intentional and customer-focused? 

Michelle King, President of Bank Director moderated our panel of executive leaders from BMO ($168B out of Chicago) and Agent IQ to learn how they partnered together to build a digitally-enabled, future-ready financial institution.


- Brianna Elsass, Head of U.S. Digital Channels at BMO

- Kaustubh Srivastava, Lead Technology Officer of Digital Banking at BMO

- Soren Bested, COO at Agent IQ

- Michelle King, President at Bank Director


Watch the full on-demand recording below.



Brianna Elsass-modified
Kaustubh Srivastava