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Agent IQ’s partnership with Pinal County Federal Credit Union, PCFCU Connect app, recognized for its measurable success based on innovation and impact.

SAN FRANCISCO – Dec 1, 2022 – Agent IQ, a provider of digital customer engagement solutions specializing in making financial services more personal again, is pleased to announce that Pinal County Federal Credit Union (PCFCU) has been named a Future Branches Innovators Awards finalist in the category of “Most Effective Tech Implementation.” 

Agent IQ’s PCFCU Connect project officially kicked off in mid-May 2020 and rapidly deployed three customer-facing services, including a web chat on public-facing websites, the PCFCU Connect app and the AI-powered self-service enablement for web chat. PCFCU is in particular being recognized for the PCFCU Connect app that allows team members to become digitally available to prospects and members anytime and anywhere. The platform utilizes AI to respond to simple requests, provide guidance and recommendations to employees, and to analyze user conversations, promoting greater transparency and insight into members' needs.

Within weeks of deployment, PCFCU saw approximately one-third of all web chat engagements resolved without employee involvement plus an increase in member satisfaction. Given the ability for members to communicate with their dedicated team member anytime and anywhere within a secure environment, PCFCU Connect has quickly become the dominant channel of engagement with 70% of all conversations now occurring on the app, as opposed to the web chat. The most frequently discussed topics in the app include auto loans (18%), credit cards (11%), home loans (7%) and personal loans (6%).


“Historically, projects of this magnitude and complexity have been limited to regional and larger financial institutions,” said Slaven Bilac, CEO & co-founder, Agent IQ. “This partnership enabled PCFCU to launch a truly disruptive service predicated on the organization’s unique member value proposition in a very rapid timeframe. This service goes beyond digital self-service and customer support by allowing members and employees to deepen the personal relationship and positioning employees to be trusted financial advisors.”

The awards aim to recognize the game changing ways that financial industry leaders are approaching branch transformation, while also celebrating contributions of others who have introduced new design concepts, exemplary financial literacy programs or implemented top of the line tech. The finalists are selected by a panel of independent judges selected by the Future Branches team, with the winners of each category to be announced and showcased at the annual Future Branches Austin conference.


About Agent IQ
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