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WHEAT RIDGE, CO, July 6, 2023 -- Datava, a leading data activation platform for relationship management and business intelligence tools, and Agent IQ, a provider of digital relationship banking solutions specializing in making financial services more personal again, are thrilled to announce they have entered a strategic partnership that is designed to better serve and benefit financial institutions.

The core objective of this partnership is to leverage the industry expertise and platforms of both companies to more fully empower financial institutions to enhance member and customer interactions and achieve substantial growth and ROI. According to Bjoern Nordmann, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at Datava, this collaboration is especially exciting as there’s already a powerful synergy between what Datava and Agent IQ do. Both fintechs have a shared impact in that they provide complimentary tools that empower financial institutions to cultivate more meaningful engagement with their customers and members. This, in turn, enables the delivery of exceptional experiences, increases satisfaction, and paves the way for new opportunities for

“The Datava platform provides a rich source of intelligence for financial institutions that strategically is a perfect fit to complement our digital relationship banking solution,” said Matt Phipps, CMO of Agent IQ. “We are excited about this partnership and how it can enable our shared clients to have the most valuable and personal relationships with their customers and members.”

By combining their expertise and resources, the Datava-Agent IQ collaboration signifies their shared commitment to delivering exceptional value to credit unions and banks. Their groundbreaking solutions address the evolving needs of financial institutions in today's dynamic market and their partnership marks a significant milestone in the quest for continuous innovation and advancements within the industry.

"The Datava-Agent IQ collaboration is a powerful fusion that will unlock new opportunities for our clients," shared Gordon Flammer, Datava's CEO. "Not only does Agent IQ's robust and modern platform complement ours, but their leadership shares a parallel vision of helping our clients accelerate growth through more personalized, genuine, and authentic connections. We are incredibly delighted to embark on this partnership with Agent IQ."

To learn more about Datava, go to www.datava.com, review our booklet here or call (720) 837-3177. Datava is located at 3440 Youngfield Street, Suite 361, Wheatridge, CO 80033. For more information on Agent IQ’s platforms, visit https://agentiq.com or call 844- 243-6847. Agent IQ is located at 95 3rd St. Fl 2 San Francisco, CA 94103.



About Datava
Datava combines data integration, curation and analysis with relationship management, data visualization, and workflow tools to provide a suite of Member Relationship Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence solutions, built specifically for credit unions. Datava enables
credit unions to deepen member satisfaction, grow revenue, reduce manual processes, and increase employee productivity without requiring any internal management, and at half the cost of any other solution on the market. Datava’s modules include MRM, Profitability/ROI analysis, Sales Performance/Goal/Incentive Reporting, Member Onboarding, Problem Resolution, Learning Management, Campaign Success Measurement, Predictive Analytics, Referral Management/Success Measurement, Indirect Lending, SEG Management, Financial Reporting and more. On average, Datava’s clients achieve an impressive 20% increase in new loan dollars and 50% increase in cross-sell.


About Agent IQ
Agent IQ develops digital platforms that empower clients to deepen their customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction and boost service efficiencies, leading to an increase in profitability while reducing the cost of serving. Agent IQ believes that augmenting the human banker is a better approach than replacing the human banker. Pragmatic application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning offers the promise of unprecedented scale, while keeping the focus on human empathy, creativity and personality. For more information, visit https://agentiq.com/company/about-us






The Datava-Agent IQ collaboration is a powerful fusion that will unlock new opportunities for our clients.
—Gordon Flammer, Datava's CEO