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Financial Institutions are at a crucial moment as AI has entered the mainstream, transforming various aspects of our lives and work. With the emergence of Chat GPT, AI's potential impact on learning, investing, and work has become undeniable. As Marc Andreessen suggests, AI has the power to raise collective and individual intelligence, potentially revolutionizing society. However, we find ourselves in a phase of uncertainty, where questions outnumber answers. In this panel webinar, we aim to provide basic knowledge on AI, discuss its implications for community banking, and explore real-life applications.


Lending their expertise are three distinguished experts: Rama Elluru, Christopher Williston, and Slaven Bilac, who will shed light on different aspects of AI. 


- Rama Elluru, Senior Director at the Special Competitive Studies Project 

- Christopher Williston, President and CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT)

- Slaven Bilac, CEO & co-founder at Agent IQ


Moderated by Richard Leggett,  the co-Managing Partner of the BHB Fund 


Watch the full on-demand recording below.