Transforming your business

Agent IQ

Ensuring success

The Agent IQ engagement service is more than a digital channel - it is the engagement service that ties the financial institution's physical and digital services into a single comprehensive value proposition. Transitioning to a personal engagement model requires careful consideration of the deployment model, banker empowerment, training, incentive structure and KPIs. The Agent IQ team has decades of experience in helping financial services organizations transform. Our team can support financial institutions with facilitating a successful roll-out.

Roll-out strategy

Identification of high-value use cases that align with the organization’s strategic focus allows for a controlled roll-out while ensuring that internal processes and procedures are deployed and refined.

Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI
Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI

Recruitment strategy

The approach to recruiting initial users to the service is a function of the specific use cases. Deliberate messaging and guided engagement of prospective users is key to attracting the right profile and number of users during the various roll-out stages.

People changes

Agent IQ services allow bankers to manage a book of business - a defined group of users that the banker is focused on. Training and alignment of incentives are fundamental to the successful roll-out.

Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI
Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI

Operational changes

The Agent IQ engagement service can be deployed via a centralized hub or through engagement of resources within the existing branch footprint. Defining the operational model that supports the strategic direction and KPIs is imperative for the impactful initial roll-out and sustained success.