Agent IQ

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Focus your agents on what they do best.
Let our AI handle the rest.

Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI

Advanced   -    The Agent IQ platform combines human service with modular state-of-the-art AI capabilities.

Seamless   -   Simple interactions are managed by virtual assistants, and when a scenario becomes complex, context is provided to the agent ensuring that customers never have to repeat themselves.

Powerful   -   The platform provides three AI-powered modules - Concierge, Courier and Coach - that provide maximum utility at every step, and can be deployed separately or in concert.

Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI


Many customer queries can be resolved with simple answers

Help your customers anytime with conversational AI. Concierge takes care of common transactions around the clock, drawing from your knowledge base and learning how to do more over time.



Connecting the customer to the right agent is critical

Optimize your team with operational intelligence. Courier directs conversations to the right agents based on expertise, availability and capacity.


Contextual AI makes agents more effective

Boost your agents with smart tools. Coach recommends responses, presents available offerings and provides insights from customer interactions to supercharge agents.


Features that Empower Service Agents

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base stores your company’s product catalog and other relevant data. When a customer sends a message, our system automatically searches the catalog and offers the list of relevant products and content automatically, making it easy for agents to drag and drop the appropriate response and product info directly into the conversation.

My Toolbox

My ToolBox enables an agent to send curated responses based on customer inquiries. Just a click on one of the saved entries, and responses are sent instantly.

Metrics Page

Metrics page displays detailed analytical data on system and agent performance so it’s easy to export data and extract key insights for reporting.

Realtime metrics help supervisors to monitor conversations and agent activity, allocate resources and track patterns.

Customer Info

Customer Info shows the customer information that was extracted by AI during the conversations. This enables human agents to quickly grasp the context of the conversation and respond as appropriate. It also enables follow up actions like sending emails, promotions, coupon codes, etc.

Auto-Categorization/Smart team management

Auto-categorization performs classification and tagging of conversations for relevant team, category and tags. When conversations are being escalated, this information is used to route to most qualified team or agent for handling. Also it makes subsequent analysis and analytics much easier.

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