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Agent IQ joins the FedFis Partner Network

San Francisco, CA (Jan. 19, 2021). Agent IQ is proud to announce our new partnership with FedFis, the foremost provider of strategic insight for Banks, Credit Unions, and FinTechs.

Agent IQ is transforming the way customers engage with their community banks. “Community banking is about relationships”, said Slaven Bilac, CEO and Co-Founder of Agent IQ, “Customers are looking for trusted personal advice to guide and advise them as they set out to realize their financial goals”. By combining the best of human bankers with state-of-the-art technology, Agent IQ puts the personal relationship at the center and creates scale and efficiency while improving both the banker and customer experience.

FedFis is committed to Truth in Banking, by helping community bankers understand which products and services best pair with their existing technology in order to drive their strategic goals. “Joining Partner Network shows that our team & experts have done the research and vetted Agent IQ’s solutions thoroughly. It is important for Community Banks to prioritize the future of customer engagement, and Agent IQ provides unique value by recreating the personal banking relationships of the past, and improving both the customer and banker experience through the judicious use of Augmented Intelligence.``, said Bobby Button, Senior Vice President of FinTegration Strategy and Sales, FedFis.

FedFis and Agent IQ’s partnership will help community banks and credit unions align and accelerate strategic and tactical activities leveraging their unique assets and capabilities to create sustained differentiation.

About Agent IQ
Agent IQ provides customer engagement services for community banks and credit unions helping to drive increased customer satisfaction, deepen relationships and create service efficiencies. With bankers being augmented by leading AI-capabilities Agent IQ provides a unique high-touch high-tech offering specifically catering for the community banks. For more information, visit Agent IQ’s website at, and follow Agent IQ on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About FedFis
FedFis Builds data solutions for the U.S. Banking and FinTech Industry.

How do we do it: Blending public datasets (Call Report Financials, Branch, Demographics, M&A, Contact Data, etc.) with proprietary FedFis datasets (FinTegration Ecosystem©, FinTech Analytics©, FinTographics©). By blending public and proprietary datasets, then applying advanced data science techniques, FedFis is able to deliver intelligent insights that represent Financial Institution and FinTech data in its most intelligent form.

Industry Impact: In short, we move market share. FedFis has redefined what tactics are possible in the banking industry, allowing our customers to predominate competition. We build Executive-Level data strategies that weaponize data tactics throughout the organization. Resulting in faster growth with greatly reduced customer acquisition cost, and making the right partnerships.

Who uses FedFis Data: FedFis customers include nine of the top ten banking core processors, nine of the top ten payments firms, and countless Banks, Regulators, VC’s, FinTechs and other large financial services firms.