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Nothing is more personal than your finances. Give your customers the freedom to choose their personal banker and decide when and where to engage.

Provide your customers with choice

Empowering your customers to select their personal banker lays a foundation for trust. Letting your banker’s personality shine through helps humanize your service and is fundamental to creating a financial friendship.

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Meet your customers where they are

Enabling customers and bankers to engage anytime and anywhere. Whether the customer engages via mobile, web or any other digital channel, chat conversations are persisted and ensure that customers never have to repeat themselves.

Proactively reach out to your customers

With a defined list of customers, bankers can leverage the two-way asynchronous nature of chat to reach out to their customers with personalized suggestions and recommendations while leaving the customer in charge of when she wants to respond.

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Make life easy for your customers

Having a personal relationship with one banker ensures that your customer never has to repeat herself. Besides handling requests directly, the banker can become a gateway to all bank resources. The ability to invite subject matter experts to join a conversation and digitally exchange files greatly facilitates open ended conversations and product exploration.

Personalize your onboarding

Engage your prospective customer as they explore your products and become your customers. Enhance your digital product exploration and engagement journey by interacting with the prospective customer to fully understand their needs and wants.

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