Meeting your customers
where they are

Agent IQ

Provide Truly Personalized and Seamless Service

Your banker group

Each customer can select and interact with a primary banker through a seamless yet authenticated and secure platform. Always knowing who they are talking to enables asking any question from simple to fairly complex while always getting the empathy and support only your employees can provide. All without waiting on hold.

Omni channel

The Agent IQ engagement service has been designed to tie existing banking service channels together to create a comprehensive customer experience. The service can be deployed within existing digital channels and through a white-labeled Agent IQ provided mobile application for iOS and Android. Customers can start a conversation on mobile and continue later within online banking.

Agent IQ Chat
Agent IQ

Engage anytime and anywhere

Customers can reach out to their bankers any time. Sometimes it’s urgent; sometimes it’s important; and sometimes it’s both. Let your customer choose if they would like to wait for their own banker or talk to a different person immediately. Past conversations and context are available to the banker serving the customer to reduce the need for repetition and speed up handling

Share pictures and documents

The ability to instantaneously share a picture or document greatly reduces friction. The Agent IQ platform allows customer and bankers to share pictures and documents at their convenience in a secure and reliable manner.

Agent IQ
Agent IQ

Select and change banker

The Agent IQ platform empowers customers to choose a banker based on existing relationships or to select a new banker with shared interests. Changing bankers is a few clicks away - with peace of mind that past conversations are transferred to the new banker.