Augmenting intelligence through Artificial Intelligence

Agent IQ

While utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a good approach to improving the scale and efficiency, emotional intelligence and empathy are key attributes of a successful personal banking relationship. Agent IQ’s AI is fully configurable and is deployed under the oversight of the primary banker to provide more powerful Augmented Intelligence.

Augmenting Intelligence


Help your customers anytime with conversational AI. Concierge addresses common queries around the clock, drawing from your knowledge base and learning over time. When in doubt, Concierge escalates to the banker.


Optimize your team with operational intelligence. Courier directs conversations with prospective customers to the right banker based on expertise, availability and capacity.


Make your bankers more effective and efficient with smart tools. Coach recommends responses, presents available materials and provides insights from customer interactions to supercharge bankers.

Pragmatic approach

Hybrid platform

The Agent IQ platform brings together the best capabilities of the human banker and AI to provide a seamlessly and optimal customer experience. By ensuring that AI escalates to the human banker when appropriate, and allowing the banker to invoke AI-powered workflows or dialogs at any time, scale is achieved without sacrificing quality and customer experience.

Agent IQ’s hybrid modular approach to AI
Agent IQ


Agent IQ’s AI-powered capabilities are fully configurable and can be deployed separate or in unison - or not at all. The extent to which Concierge is utilized to interact with customers can be defined based on customer profile. Configurability ensures that the tone of voice aligns to organizational standards.

AI training

Where most AI engines require extensive tagged training data, the Agent IQ engine has been built with the recognition that many banking workflows and processes are well established and don't need to be learned from scratch. The platform allows trained individuals within the financial organization to create compelling conversational experiences using a simple and intuitive UI. Furthermore, Agent IQ’s state-of-the-art AI ensures that customers’ intent is understood and addressed.

Agent IQ